Saturday, 24 June 2017

DIY Patched Leather Jacket

How terrible it is to witness your swag buddy, the faux leather jacket peeling by itself, slowly dying and being useless?  Moreover it is not reinforced with natural fibers like cotton, it would crack even when it is not exposed to the sun. Had been abandoned such poor thing in the closet for almost a year but I don't want its life to end too soon. No idea what to do. Low maintenance since its beginning, got abandoned for more years, oh how sad it looked.
 Then came the embroidered leather jacket into style, made me think to use some pretty embroidered patches to cover those huge cracks all over the jacket. Without taking too much time, a bunch of badass woven badges caught my attention in a craft shop and I automatically aimed to cover those irritating defects on my old jacket  using them. Wooo it's gonna look even more interesting! 
My neighbor The Cat, tried to steal my attention when starting to focus on my DIY Project of the day. 
Stradivarius maroon beanie, Mom's DIY chiffon shirt, New Look boots.

Tacky much? That's your business.