Friday, 27 March 2015

Exquisite Elephants

When I saw this skirt in a store, I couldn't resist the urge to bring it home because I always have a special feelings for any item that has an ethnic touch, so unique and exquisite. Since I like side braid hairdo so much and in order to create a complementary for the look, I tried out a print scarf to be added as one of the braid strands. Then yes, I'm ready for a day out!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Fringing in Spring

Spending the whole afternoon by wandering along Pandawa Beach, often mentioned as the secret beach in southern part of Bali. Wow, the soft and white sand, clear water, sunset and even its high cliffs is the perfect combination for my short get away!

What I like about this spring is its fringe trends. Fringe can be a way to liven up a look. To me this trend is versatile, easy to blend into any look, and boho-edgy style I fancy suits me perfectly. The boots set the tone for the whole look. It looks like a music-festival-style which makes me going crazy over fringe. Sway the tassels, dance like nobody’s watching!

H&M fringe cropped tee and bracelets, New Look boots, Stroberi ring, round black hat from Harajuku.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

DIY Traveler's Charm Necklace/Bracelet/Anklet

So it's one of my pleasurable DIY projects. I was lucky enough to find a bunch of silver charm pendants at one handcraft shop - felt like finding new treasures, and there's a silver chain left in my tin box, so I decided to make an anklet out of it. Then it's time for walking with the tinkling sounds!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A Fantasy Before My Eyes

This simple combination of sweater and sheer panel midi skirt has become one of my favorit outfit so far. Gotta say that sheer panel is a cool trend because I don't need to put much time and effort to look stylish and sophisticated by wearing sheer paneled-outfit. Thanks for my friend who gave the skirt as my birthday present by the way!
Gosh lace-up sneakers, Stroberi clutch, black hat from Harajuku.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Colors Watchamacalit

I completed this look with my DIY sneakers which real colors are already fade. I repainted it with acrylic paints that I bought from a bookstore. After all, it's nice to have these old sneakers to accompany me for a walk once more.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Japan Trip Part IV

At 9AM we went to Imperial Palace. Unfortunately we couldn't see it because was under maintenance. So we just walked near the location for sightseeing and buy more souvenirs to bring home.

Talking about the outfit, I was wearing Forever 21 floral dress, H&M shawl, New Look boots,  the coat and hat purchased from Harajuku.

The next destination is Waseda University and then National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan). We learned a lot in both places and I also successfully got pranked by one of the Sahabat Marina, Stella, when I tried to have some little chit-chat with the robot woman at Miraikan. I thought the robot woman was way too sophisticated that she knew my name, age, where I am from and my further bio without meeting me before. Was she scanning me or something? Hey, I don't like being mindread by anyone, nor  have I an ID chip implanted in my flesh lol. Then my response was getting awkward and I ran away from the robot woman and saw Stella came out from a nearby box. The truth is she was filling the robot woman's voice in that box when it was talking to me. At first it felt horror then ridiculous all of a sudden. 
I didn't took many photos at both Waseda University and Miraikan because I think I was too excited exploring what the university has and also the science that Miraikan offers.

The mysterious robot woman lol!   source:

Every moment of everyday was filled with joy and new discoveries. Even just walking down the street is a fascinating experience. The four days I spent in Japan is certainly memorable, and leaves me wanting more, of course! Sayonara Japan, arigatou gozaimasu Sahabat Marina!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Japan Trip Part III

At 9:30AM we had a short origami course led by Mr. Kobayashi, the creative and friendly owner of Origami Kaikan. Well, I never good at this art of folding papers. Even when I was at kindergarten-as an ignorant kid-I never tried to listen to my teacher's instruction in every origami class and frequently asked my friends to get my origami work done. But Mr. Kobayashi taught us really well with bigger origami papers as the examples for us to follow. Sounds so lame that after seventeen years I could finally make some good ones. Ha!
Besides continuing the family business, he also contributes by inventing numerous new origami and kirigami creations. I haven't seen much variety of origami/kirigami like what I saw at this place. So lovely! 

Next, around 11:30AM we arrived at Tokyo DisneySea.  
Time to have fun and play with water a little bit! Wohoo!

The you-know-what icon, Tokyo Tower, graciously stands still, illuminated by lights at night.