Friday, 30 November 2012

Eve Wouldn't be Blamed

Once I imagined what if Adam didn’t agree to eat 
the fruit given by Eve who was tempted by the devil in a snake costume? Human beings need clothes to cover their bodies no more. 
All fashion lovers and the people who work in fashion industry probably will get different  occupation and interests. 
Probably tattoo artist, painter or farmer?
What do you think? :P

Friday, 23 November 2012

Gold Seeker

Just realized that denim and gold is a perfect match. Simplicity of the denim and luxurious gold could be an option for daily days, way to go. Try it by adding a gold touch to your casual style.

I went digging for gold
Down by the river
Over by the mountain
Where the prospektor had been told
I'm marching through the cold
We're marching through the cold
I went digging for gold
I went down with my brother
A bucket and a shovel
And a book about the colour of coal
I'm marching through the cold
We're marching through the cold
There's a tiny little crackle on the telephone line
Saying what use the metal if the metal
Don't shine?
She said bring me back a diamond/ring
Cause I really want one
Now I been digging so long that I never
See the sun
- Goldrush by Coldplay

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Print Me Roses in My Heart

 Currently looking for new and creative ideas for how to reuse/recycle my old fashioned stuffs. I found my old black denim  pants which doesn't look good and looks weird when I wore. So I spontaneously thought of cutting them out. I made a zig zag cut on it. Anyways the shorts now looks like one in Flinstone's. I mixed it with the rose leggings (had no idea what would be perfectly match to these ones yet)and an A-symmetric shirt. Then voilà !

Black A-symmetric shirt, DIY zigzag shorts, Fillmore wedges.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Something to Fill The Tedious Day

Got nothing to do, so I snapped some random things at any place I visited.
Most photos were taken at Bali Heaven, Bandung.:)

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Blue Machine

Vintage red-orange tartan shirt, Logo Jeans, Dee Han orange wedges, vintage grey bag, Monol watch, colorful rubber bracelets.

After taking pictures for a while, we took time to have breakfast at Bao DimsumThe three funny icons (the tall, the fat, and the tiny one) were interesting and caught my attention from the first place.

This hilarious background always makes me smile everytime I view it. The three icons were doing such a ridiculous dancing behind my back hahah..