Thursday, 5 October 2017

Terracotta Print

Got my eyes on this place recently. Chinatown area of Bandung had never been this interesting before. I remember my parents used to take me here to have some brunch on tedious Sundays. Not a big fan of oriental architecture/decor myself, this brand new place, named after its own area: Chinatown, full of oriental touch mixed with some refreshingly vintage stuffs, a bit of pop culture and playful colors, makes me think twice to say that I'm not into oriental decor. There were always cute corners wherever I laid my eyes on. Here, I coincidentally (of course not) wore a Terracotta army printed dress in order to match with the theme of the day. 

Fellow Indonesian 90's kids, these knick-knacks are so nostalgic! And it's hard for me to say no to those cute notebooks

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Peachy Dairy

Impromptu accessorizing be the highlight of this look I'd say. Made the necklace using two threads of bracelet which both closures tied in the middle forming a pompom-like necklace, and the yellow leopard one as my project for Coxcomb. The top is from Est. 1989 Place - for kids - as long as it's colorful I would wear, no matter the size lol. Next, the silver pleated skirt was once a dress that I eventually cut into two pieces since the dress made me look like a girl coming from outer space. Also my old denim jacket that had never been featured in any photoshoot. Then, YAY!

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Bali Trip with Veet Indonesia

Ah, this one should be posted in July. But you know, everyone's been busy with work, business and stuff, then the hobby got neglected for a while, but here we go. So me and my friend went for a Bali trip as we won a #VeetCation contest, held by Veet Indonesia. We didn't actually explore the nature part due to the limited time we had, but we did cafe hopping. How typically hipster, I know. 

About this look, I got my mom sew our orange floral scarf from Stradivarius to be two pieces of tops. One is a little bit longer that I could wear it as a mini dress, and the other one be like this, more like an off shoulder top. Oh, how I like to turn fashion items into something newer and fun! Been so lucky that my mom shares the same interest! For the skirt, I completed the look with a uniquely cross-stitched long skirt from Thailand. 

DIY sandals I sell at Coxcomb

Back to the #VeetCation event. On the second day we had a Treasure Hunt games at Pirate Bay, right in front of Nusa Dua Beach.

In the evening, we managed to have a dinner with the lovely Julie Estelle and have some chit-chat on her passion in the Indonesian entertainment and movie industry. To be honest, she was so nice, friendly, and inspiring! Thanks for the exciting experience in Bali, Veet Indonesia!