Tuesday, 4 June 2013

MIKA The Origin of Love Tour in Jakarta

This one could be an out of date report from MIKA The Origin of Love Tour in Jakarta, 10 May 2013, due to my possessive final exams which never let me doing anything fun. But the spectacular memory never looks old for me. Honestly, this is the first big music concert I've ever attended because I don't really excited to watch live concerts. I'd rather watch concerts from TV, dancing on my own than watch live concerts. I hate crowds and noisy conditions, but his concert is definitely an exception. His playful music is like medicine for me. His song lyrics are deep and meaningful. I also love his colorful fashion statement and albums packaging (credits for his lovely sisters and mom). His great personality does add his charisma as a musician. He's definitely one of a kind. My opinion is precisely true and was proved that night,  because the concert was marvelous!

Thanks to CloseUp for the coolest experience I've ever had that myself and another three great fans finally got a chance to meet MIKA and interviewed him directly in Jakarta and being part of his Polka Dot Choir! He's so humble, sweet and adorable and I had the most amazing time in my life!

He told us that one of his 'most remarkable moment he ever witnessed in his own concerts' was when fans in South Korea unexpectedly sang Elle Me Dit in French.  
Hey, I could sing Elle Me Dit in French fluently too! If he knew it, he'd say I'm remarkable too. Ha!

My very own combination of platinum/scrapbook/pop-up creation to recall my spectacular experience in MIKA The Origin of Love Tour in Jakarta. I could stare at it all day and never get bored.
Je t'aime MIKA !

I could be staring at somebody new 
  But stuck in my head is a picture of you  
You are the thunder
I was the rain  
I wanna know if I’ll see you again - Stardust