Wednesday, 31 October 2012


You keep playing me like a fruit machine
Puttin' in change systematically
Winning streak that you had over me
It's turned into your broken tragedy

Turn your pockets out onto the street
Now you see you've spent it all on me!
You see my true colors out of sync
Now your skin is a pair of sympathies

You've hit the bottom one hundred times before
Now feel the fever as I leave you wanting more
You thought you could turn and walk away
Taking chances that weren't yours to take

Well I don't think so my foolish boy
Watch the next one taking all the joy
Hold me, nudge me, spinning me around
Where's the money?
Can't hear the clinking round.

Ka-ching, Ka-ching!! - The Ting Tings

Messy nail art! But I do love it!

Fancy Beads and Motives. Lots of colors and forms.

Magnolia top with beads, vintage fur jeans jacket, colorful geometric leggins, Louis Carnie’s fur wedges boots.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

You Are The Milk To My Coffee

This makin' a livin' is killin' me
I work like a dog in this hot factory
Can't even afford a vacation when I've got the time
But I've got road maps of Mexico
Brochures and pictures of places to go
Dreamin' in color, livin' in black and white

I can drink margaritas with sweet senoritas

Work on my tropical tan
Dangle my feet in the crystal blue waters
Lay in the snow white sand
I've never been down to Mexico
But I'm gonna go there tonight
I'm dreamin' in color, livin' in black and white

I'd like to buy a new Cadillac

Build me a house with a pool out back
And eat at the country club every Saturday night
But there ain't much pay in my ol' paycheck
But I'll win the lotto one day I bet
Dreamin' in color, livin' in black and white
 - Livin' In Black and White (Tracy Lawrence)

Vintage skull dress, white rubber flat shoes, striped bag, white love love sunnies.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Surprise on Girlfriend ID Magazine

Having lunch at Roppan: Toast to Happiness. Actually I already got the happiness in this day. In advance, I checked whether my favorite magazine was already in store, and I found out something surprising...

Finally my first article was published by the most down to earth magazine: Girlfriend ID! :D
Well, it's an article writing competition anyway. The participants should choose one out of three themes: women, environment, or movies.

I chose "Ladies Affairs Around the Globe" as the title. There were lots of competitors so I didn't expect too much in order to avoid a latter disappointment. But now I'm so thrilled! I won it and they rewarded me a notebook PC. Thanks much GF Magazine! Long live! :D  

Degas denim overall, DIY white flowery shirt, leggins, DIY converse sneakers, Tan Cha knitted hat, Vogue bag.

I sewed all the badges and accessories like buttons and fabrics onto these white sneakers. And I'm totally in love with these. Have a nice day everyone!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Holland Touch On The Nails

Swapping souvenirs with a penpal from Holland and recently I got these nice porcelains. Its motives; the windmills and tulips attracted me to do an art on my nails too.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Today's Fairy Tale

A photoshoot day with my lovely companions! We arranged to meet at a suburban garden. I think it's kind of strange (in a good way) that everytime we're hanging out together, we always wear the same color of the outfits without any arrangement before, and now we were like mainstream figures in fairytale. Merry: a lost girl in a forest, Monita: a lonely fairy and Me: (I guess it's an antagonist role),a fierce genie. What a nice coincidence.:P

 Snooper Fairy!

Vintage harem pants, black shirt with crochet, hair accessories: made by mom’s student, flowers ring, Stroberi colorful bangles Clara Bella jelly wedges.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Happy Yippie Day!

Thank you enormously to my wonder-parents and all of my super-peers for the everlasting prayers, support and the birthday greetings!

Got so many sweet presents and snail mails from my amazing penpals from the very far continents, but so close in my heart. Thank you sweethearts! I honestly hope that we could meet up soon someday. Wish you guys a wonderful weekend! 
Kisses, kisses.

Another Philatelists' Melody

For the one whose bright eyes and warm smile I couldn't easily to forget. It's one of our remembrance legacies in our old days. Do you still remember those childish-and-oh-amazing moments we spent together when we were silly and young? I bet you're still able to recall those memories like you used to tell me. 
"Write your name behind the stamp which you gave me so that I could remember". 
A fierce boy with a warm heart.