Saturday, 21 December 2013

Create Your Own Sole Art

 I love shoes since I was a little kid. The feeling grows stronger when I saw the most stunning shoes – sneakers with fabulous patchworks on them, when I was walking through a shoes shop and I got them finally, luckily. It was so fancy and colorful that I couldn’t stop staring at. I wondered how a person had an idea to create such a wonderful pair of sneakers.
These are few sneakers that I created a few years ago in high school. A few unused fabrics were sewed on them, then voilĂ ! Seems childish but I don’t really care about how it seems because the only matter is that I can pour my idea onto shoes, especially the boring old shoes and I’m content. I have admiration on how Christian Loubutin constantly innovating in designing amazing heels, even sneakers. So, don’t immediately throw your old shoes away, if they can still be used just because you bored of them. Otherwise, you can recreate them and turn them into a brand new looking shoes just after some magic poured from your heart and mind!
Appearing on Gogirl! Magazine December edition. Would also love to say Merry Christmas, sweethearts!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

If You Were A Library Book, I Would Never Bring You Back

Attracted to these shoes by Nolly Arfiandi from the very first time. I never regret to bring these home because it matches with almost of my outfits, and this time I wear it with my old orange pants and floral shirt. The neckerchief instantly makes my look seems like an eccentric scout. But I don't mind and I like it.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Ruffles in The Burnt Prairie

Ruffles all over! What I like from ruffled tops is that they are timeless, give soft and feminine touch without much effort. Here I matched the ruffled tops with a simple white skirt, creating a quite classic style I craved. And I also like how the shoes contrast with the delicate look of ruffles.

Vintage outwear, Magnolia ruffled blouse, vintage white skirt, vintage brown shoes.