Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Pastel and Layers

I visited Farmhouse Lembang recently, and it was way more interesting than before to me since they seem to adding lots of ethnic stuffs and knick-knacks to their shop and also more areas with more rich,vibrant colors and patterns to enjoy. Such a comely place! Here I wore four pieces of clothing. Top tee from Miss Sixty, more pink top inside, knitted cardigan, and finally, the skirt which was embellished by myself using my pompoms leftover. Then the flat shoes actually had ribbon on them but I altered them with more pompoms from Stroberi. Yay for layering game!

You could dress up in some Dutch costumes here as well. And oh,  they have added more costumes to their collections. So many things to do and to see, if you haven't visited this place, do come!