Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Wild Flowers Glossary

Wild flowers equals to beauty and freedom. Celandine, Coltsfoot, Drummond Flox, Lupine, Sage, Toadflax, Winter Heliotrope, you name it. I love all the varying colors and forms they come in. Exhibit stunning colors and whimsical forms, flourish anywhere, survive through any obstacle, and even have wonderful uses, these reasons make wild flowers even more adorable than elegant bouquet flowers. I was wearing a Stradivarius jacket, New Look boots, and DIY dress which pattern is one of my favorites in my wardrobe.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Trip to Japan Part I

Konnichiwa! I'm back again after a couple weeks of nice adventure and discovery. This time I'd like to post about my experience as one of Marina Beauty Days Out Japan's five winners. In the competition, the contestants must post photo and short essay about inspiring way of life to share and expanding knowledge with Sahabat Marina.  Japan was a country I always dreamt about visiting. I couldn't thank more to Marina for the wonderful trip to Japan I've been wishing from such a long time, for free!
So here we go, the first day we stepped in the land of the rising sun, Japan. Firstly we went to Gotemba Premium Outlet and then Mount Fuji.

Although I was quite exhausted after a long flight from Jakarta-Singapore-Tokyo, I tried not to fall asleep on the bus in order to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Eyes wide open!

Finally we arrived at Kawaguchi Koryu Hotel, had a dinner, and trying onsen for the first time. Before going to sleep I managed some time to have a sip of green tea. Its caffeine doesn't avoid me from sleeping. I surely lived in a sweet dream that moment.