Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Surprise on Girlfriend ID Magazine

Having lunch at Roppan: Toast to Happiness. Actually I already got the happiness in this day. In advance, I checked whether my favorite magazine was already in store, and I found out something surprising...

Finally my first article was published by the most down to earth magazine: Girlfriend ID! :D
Well, it's an article writing competition anyway. The participants should choose one out of three themes: women, environment, or movies.

I chose "Ladies Affairs Around the Globe" as the title. There were lots of competitors so I didn't expect too much in order to avoid a latter disappointment. But now I'm so thrilled! I won it and they rewarded me a notebook PC. Thanks much GF Magazine! Long live! :D  

Degas denim overall, DIY white flowery shirt, leggins, DIY converse sneakers, Tan Cha knitted hat, Vogue bag.

I sewed all the badges and accessories like buttons and fabrics onto these white sneakers. And I'm totally in love with these. Have a nice day everyone!