Wednesday, 5 September 2012

GINTRE 2010 with the Atmosphere of Cancun, Mexico

This is my very first post! And I would like to tell the beginning of my day in campus. So here we go...

Gathering and Introducing International Relations is an event which is held annually in International Relations major of my campus that I’ve been in since 2010.
The purpose of GINTRE is to give freshmen a chance to practice and refine their diplomatic skills. The tagline of GINTRE 2010 was “Uniting Nations in a Global Initiative to Mitigate Climate Change”, the delegates focused their thoughts on possible responses and international resolutions especially for the sake of the future of developing nations. Issue of climate change was chosen as the theme because it is currently one of the hottest global issues. 

My group representated The Delegates of Bolivia. And there’s must be a package of mascot which consists 2 persons, and I was chosen to represent Bolivia as the mascot. So, these are the photos I snapped by my camera phone when I got the chance to take photographs in the middle of the occassion.

Here’s the souvenir I made for another country delegates. I know it’s not too good to stare at, but I made it with all my heart. We exchanged souvenirs and introduced our country delegations each other at the breakfast before the event was really begun.