Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A Wish Upon Ourselves

Me and my friend, Merry, took these photos in January 2012 when we were really urged in joining a competition about friendship which was held by one of girl magazines in Indonesia. The prizes were two tickets to go on a special vacation including tons of cool activities that we will get and photo shoot for the magazine when we arrive there. The requirements were a short story and fun photos of us that could show our friendship very well. So I made a short story about us, the title’s “Incredibly Grateful Because There’s You!”. 

To amuse the judges, I put lots of humor and a bunch of our silly experiences on it. Finally we made it! After several days, a woman called and asked me to attend the judging session few days later. 

Here are some of activities that we always like to do together. Shopping, snacking
Hanging Out, Windowshopping
Surprising each other with our own life stories

       Giving honest opinion for for options. We illustrated it with this ZARA fur jacket. 
            (Merry: “Professional opinion needed, please!”). And more fun activities!
On the D-Day I’ve been waiting for, we created our ‘friendship anthem’, practiced it along the trip and sang it at the ‘interrogation period’, haha. Yeah we made it although we were only become the finalists, not the winner. But we got many nice presents from the magazine. And a few days later I got chickenpox (sigh) because of hard fatigue. I was wondering, if we were succeeded in that competition, I’d probably more suffer then, hehe. Is it a hidden luck? Because I’m still confused now.