Sunday, 7 August 2016

Scheherazade Told Me

No need to follow some kind of long tutorial on "How to Make a Middle Eastern Style Headpiece by Yourself" this time. Finding out that I'd been keeping a black band with gold thread woven gave me an idea to combine it with my brand new necklace to simply make one. Only needed to tie the band around my head and added the gold necklace on top of it. Then slided in some bobby pins to the hair to keep them in place. So here we go, the Middle Eastern Inspired Headpiece a la Tasia!

The pictures were taken at Noor Hotel. Fell in love with its Middle Eastern interior design from the very first place! "Step through the majestic doors of the classy Noor Hotel and feel yourself transported to your private oasis of luxury in the heart of Bandung" the website says. Well said and pretty much what I had experienced while spending time surrounded by the exotic Middle Eastern vibe here. Here's some glimpse of the hotel.