Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Japan Trip Part III

At 9:30AM we had a short origami course led by Mr. Kobayashi, the creative and friendly owner of Origami Kaikan. Well, I never good at this art of folding papers. Even when I was at kindergarten-as an ignorant kid-I never tried to listen to my teacher's instruction in every origami class and frequently asked my friends to get my origami work done. But Mr. Kobayashi taught us really well with bigger origami papers as the examples for us to follow. Sounds so lame that after seventeen years I could finally make some good ones. Ha!
Besides continuing the family business, he also contributes by inventing numerous new origami and kirigami creations. I haven't seen much variety of origami/kirigami like what I saw at this place. So lovely! 

Next, around 11:30AM we arrived at Tokyo DisneySea.  
Time to have fun and play with water a little bit! Wohoo!

The you-know-what icon, Tokyo Tower, graciously stands still, illuminated by lights at night.