Thursday, 18 September 2014

Cross Stitch Yells Love

Now I'm a free bird and going to wring every second of creative enjoyment. I fond of cross stitching since I had a cross stitch class in middle school. It's obviously simpler than embroidery. Then cross stitching becomes one of my hobbies I usually do in my spare time. As time goes by I want to make a display of it in a box frame in order to see it anytime I want without opening the drawer to see them one by one, or simply say for the sake of my cross stitch exhibition. This could be a nice gift idea as well. I put some pictures to make it more alive and interesting to stare at, just like the festive pop-up cards. There are still more but I'm going to post the three of my collections, I can say that it's a love trilogy cross stitch, haha!