Friday, 16 May 2014

Get Ready to be Crowned Because of Fanny Crown!

I am in my final year of college now, really can’t wait to graduate soon! In the middle of the hectic days, I have invited by the lovely Amy from Fanny Crown to join the monthly blogger competition to win a gorgeous dress. This could be a good excuse to have a rest from my stressful day for a while and entering the world of fashion styling I love.

Fanny Crown is a high quality dress company based in Paris. You can find any kind of dresses you need here like for debs, prom, party, wedding, you name it. You can also determine the dress size for individual dress style. I love to spend my time taking a look on this online store because they have so many wonderful dresses. Oh, I want to go back to high school prom again and steal the prom queen’s crown! Whoops.
 Well, I want to look my best in one of those wonderful dresses but it’s so hard to choose for only one dress at Fanny Crown because I want it all! I want it really special since it is my last farewell. Here are my options.

For most of girls thought of looking their best in the final year of college is important, therefore pre-planning is essential. To make it special everyone must have some kind of pre-planning; the first is gaining confidence and the second is an amazing, comfortable outfit to wear. To gain confidence we have to care about our health and beauty which means healthy diet and skin care. Most importantly confidence comes from the inside. The second one can be found on Fanny Crown and you can visit its blog for some further informations.

Since I’m a petite type, I chose this adorable Vintage Sweetheart Short Lilac Cocktail Dress with bright lilac color which will compliment my figure. What I love from this dress is the lilac flower embellishment and the bouncy layers of the dress. It can make a petite girl look more fabulous by creating more volume to the lower half. After seeing this dress I instantly imagined a beautiful garden with so many lilacs in it. Very breathtaking!

At first I wanted to pair the dress with several lovely accessories like this lavender flower crown and purple flower stud earrings. But I realized that it should be more mature and elegant since it's a college farewell. So the final items I chose are on the collage below.

I focused on the eye makeup so I chose Avon True Color purple eyeshadow. I love how purple eyeshadow could spice up brown eyes and look dramatically gorgeous. Since the eyes already got extra drama, I used Maybelline Color Sensational The Buffs Lip Color Nude Lust to create nude color for the lips to balance the bold eyes. To avoid monotony color, I choose O.P.I white nail polish for the nails. 

Hairstyle is one of the most important elements for any special occasion. The neckline of the dress is an indication how my hairstyle should be like and I was interested to choose braided bun updo. You can see more interesting braid ideas here

Next, time to accessorize the dress. I chose lilac as a theme of the accessories and avoid to choose too many accessories at once.  I’m a big fan of earrings so finding earrings that match the dress is interesting to me. Of course I wouldn't take teardrop or chandelier earrings because the whole look will be too much. Stud earrings look good on every face type and the single stone is always stunning and classic.  Then I matched it with sparkling Tacori Lilac Blossoms earrings from Benari Jewelers. This moment I'm so into stacking rings or multiple rings and I found this cool multi-stone ring from Waterfall Lilac Blossoms ring collections.

Don’t forget to take this Versace Embroidered Leather Box Clutch to carry lipstick and cell phone.
The last but not least, the easiest way to change my height is to wear heels. So lucky to find this pair of lilac suede heels that match the dress perfectly.

So if you are preparing for any special occasion and want to look wonderful instantly, and also for those who are still confused what to wear to prom, I suggest you to check the dresses offered at Fanny Crown. You won't regret it. Show your fantastic smile, and who knows you will be crowned as the prom queen because of Fanny Crown!